aga gorecka



Two Chefs, two worlds. Tamás Széll and Zsófia Mautner.

The book presents two Hungarian Chefs’ recipes. It consists of 4 different chapters showing short stories of the Chefs. The stories are tightly connected with the way of preparing their dishes. Every chapter is a menu with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Fast and easy, festive, healthy, home atmosphere – those are the chapters in which everybody can find something for himself. Her world is a world of nature, out of civilization. Idyllic and calm but shown in a modern way which is reflected in her style of preparing the dishes (cooking style). Tamás is the owner of a loft in a big city. His pace of life is reflected in his extraordinary, unique and sometimes experimental dishes.Fast rhythm of the city determines his style in the kitchen – resolute, reliable but with a spark of delicacy and calmness.

agency: GPD AGENCY
disciplines: creative concept, art direction

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